Data and Surveillance

New technologies enlarge our world. Thanks to our smartphones we are in constant contact with each other and we can be at multiple places simultaneously, no longer bound to a single identity. Internet as a democratic free state of an unprecedented scope. But technology is also being abused on a large scale. Under the guise of security and risk avoidance, individual citizens, social organizations and businesses find themselves under continuous surveillance. Personal data have become the new currency. Algorithms make profiles of us and determine our digital citizenship on the basis of our internet behavior. New technologies infiltrate and colonize everyday life.

Artists and ethical hackers sharpen our perception. They give us a new sense of ‘a-whereness’ and show us clever alternatives and playful ways out.

Artists accessory to this theme:

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Timo Arnall
Aram Bartholl
Buro Jansen & Janssen
Paul Devens
Front 404
Juice Rap News
Daniel Keller
Laura Kurgan
Mike and Gregg
Kianoosh Motallebi
Charles van Otterdijk
Evan Roth
Renée Ridgway
Taryn Simon
Antoine Viviani
Luuk Wilmering