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HACKING HABITAT is the fourth event in a series of large scale manifestations realized by Ine Gevers and Hester Alberdingk Thijm. The first three were entitled Ik + de Ander, Art and the Human Condition, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 1994), Niet Normaal, Difference on Display (Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 2009/10), Ja Natuurlijk, How Art Saves the World (Gemeente Museum, The Hague 2013). HACKING HABITAT fits well in this sequence of events. It highlights artists who substantially and constructively break rules and confront us with the barriers erected by sytems and protocols. Their interventions inspire and invite a follow-up by others. Since 2007 these events are developed under the supervision of Foundation Niet Normaal. Features of these exhibitions are: an inclusive approach, a platform for diversity, putting dominant myths under pressure. The aim is to create awareness and entice people to leave their comfort zone in an affirmative way. Individual visitors and participants are inspired to take a different view on their world and worldview, but institutional boundaries are questioned as well. The manifestations, art works and interventions hardly ever stick with presupposed frameworks. Artistst like Thomas Hirschhorn (Niet Normaal) and Peter Fend (Ja Natuurlijk) create so-called dangerous art. ‘Dangerous’ because they do not abide by symbolic laws and prescriptions, but seek to intervene directly into life itself.

Niet Normaal foundation is led by artistic director Ine Gevers and business leader Willemijn van der Vaart who report to a board of directors. The foundation works with a small core of independent – full time – self employers during the preparation of the projects. At full capacity the team will be supported by interns and volunteers. Besides Ine Gevers and Willemijn van der Vaart, the team consists of curator Friso Wiersum, responsible for the life hack marathons and similar programs. Communications is led by Evelien Kroese, supported by Whitley Pothuizen. Education is organized by Eva Vesseur with advisor Bettie de Bruin. Production is done by Monique Verhulst with assistance from Myrthe van der Boom, Marco Rietveld and Laura Mudde. Volunteers and interns: Dennis Kerckhoffs, Zara Gonzales, Lindsay Weber, Sonia Fernandes and Jenny Kornelis.

The board consists of chairwoman Hester Alberdingk Thijm (director of AkzoNobel Art Foundation), vice chairman Riemer Knoop (lecturer at Reinwardt Academy and cultural advisor at Gordion), treasurer and secretary Toine van der Horst (business director at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet), as well as board members Julienne Straatman (independent consultant at Straatman strategic advice), Vincent Bijlo (comedian, presenter, and writer) and Frans Vreeke (director at Tivoli Vredenburg). Advisors: Han Bakker, Farid Tabarki and Geert Bogaard.