Destructive Forces at Work

With today’s technology the world has come to lie at our feet. But in the hands of multinationals, driven primarily by short-term profit maximization, this same technology is being used against us. From companies that lay claim to arable lands, forcing farmers to work with patented seeds and endangering food security and drinking water, to robotization that also threatens employment in wealthier countries. Remote control systems – drones, gps, satellites – show us images of conflict areas or regions afflicted by climate change or natural disaster, but humanitarian aid organizations cannot get a grip on what is really happening on the ground. A real virtuality is crowding out other realities and gives those in power the opportunity to endlessly manipulate images and pretend their innocence.

Activists and artists call for working together to resist and turn the tide. Help sometimes comes from unexpected sources. Companies and local authorities join in the search for real solutions.

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