Gebroeders van Leeuwen


Many governments are distrustful of the media and often try to exert influence over it. This can be seen at the moment in Poland, for example. Dictatorships go further – controlling, censoring and if necessary, switching off all communication structures (internet, radio, TV, satellite links, telephone) to smother protests, gatherings and other opposition before they can take hold. During the Arab Spring in 2011 the Mubarek government took control of all Egyptian communication channels. In order to safely exchange information Egyptian activists built their own independent Bluetooth network. For HACKING HABITAT Gebroeders van Leeuwen elaborate on this initiative that was born in resistance.

With Autonomous Network Architecture the public is given access to a self-contained, open source, wireless communication network that works outside of Wi-Fi. Visitors can exchange information freely and anonymously. The information cannot be traced and quickly disappears from memory. Starting on February 26 you can be part of Autonomous Network Architecture by entering a code into your own smartphone.