Navid Nuur


Navid Nuur’s objects, ideas and texts form a slowly growing, dense nervous system that draws us into his world. The material he uses is often commonplace. Nuur transforms it by placing it in a meaningful context. In this way we notice qualities of the material that we usually overlook. Everything matters; art is more than just looking. Nuur creates poetic connections between the most diverse materials: from soap powder to vitamin-enriched wall paint.

His works trigger the senses, by using such things as an ointment consisting of medicinal oils and aromatic substances. Untitled (Exercise shelter by shifting from focus) is composed of an engraved copper plate that has been rubbed with Vicks VapoRub, a strong smell that immediately grabs your attention. Vicks opens the airways, eases congestion and makes you involuntarily do what the text indicates.