Samson Kambalu


Christian texts and their global influence are an important inspiration for Kambalu. The Bible is a rich source but is also a restrictive system that can oppress people. In order to be able to see this system from different sides and take distance from it in a playful way, the artist made his first Holy Ball: a football covered with pages from the Bible. Visitors can pick up the ball and play with it. This is how Kambalu puts the heavy legacy of the Christian faith and other all-encompassing, closed systems in a lighter perspective.

Kambalu displays the Holy Balls at home and abroad, in museums and in public spaces. The visitor is invited to kick the ball around, “to exercise and exorcise” the Christian tradition. He now designates all his work as’ Holyballism “and also makes merchandise with that name, such as printed T-shirts and autographed Bibles, accompanied by an instruction on how to make a Holy Ball yourself.