Holly Herndon

Shattering visuals and avant-garde glitch pop by Holly Herndon on February 25th!
In her songs, she explores the dark side of the information society and the consequences it has on our privacy. In her words: “I know you know me better than I know me.” A Collaboration between TivoliVredenburg, Residenties in Utrecht and Hacking Habitat. Art of Control.

Holly Herndon, American singer and composer, has appeared in every music charts with her album Platform in 2015. Her avant-garde, electronic music is full of contemporary technologies. Therefore, Herndon’s favourite instrument is her laptop. “I’m interested in what it sounds like to be making music in 2015,” she says in an interview with The Guardian. “How do we express the emotions we’re feeling today? I find it odd to use a violin swell from another era to discuss the feeling after I have a Skype breakup”.

Herndon builds up her songs out of dozens of fragments and turns it into a pleasurable whole. She reflects on the current society with her lyrics and examines the relationship we have with our electronic devices.