Life-hack #3 How to cross Borders

Looking Back: How to cross borders?

TivoliVredenburg 03/10/2015

James Bridle on how to cross borders?
Marleen Stikker, director of Waag society, responds.

Crossing borders. A lecture on the lack of freedom of movement.

With a passport in hand, you could traverse the globe. But this is easier said than done. Countries place physical barriers to mark their territory, and cities erect fences around specific neighborhoods. This leads to increasingly degraded conditions, such as the storming of Melila by migrants or the Spanish enclave in North Africa.

But these are not the only barriers hindering an open encounter between people. The growing camera surveillance, tracking of potential suspects, and the trading of metadata ISPs restrict our freedom of movement. Life Hack #3 investigates whether we can still go where we want and how we can recapture our own privacy from data surveillance.