Antoine Viviani


The premise of the online documentary In Limbo Interactive is that the memory of computers is infinitely better than that of humans, especially now that we store much of our daily lives on the internet. Our memory is unreliable and changeable, but documents, data, photos and videos stored via a computer remain the same ones and zeros. “My computer knows me better than my mother,” says one of the experts in the documentary.

In Limbo starts with a request to link your webcam, geolocation and social media accounts to the documentary. You suddenly find yourself watching a video with you in the leading role: long forgotten emails and Facebook photos appear on the screen and remind you that your memory is not as perfect as that of your computer. Your life is only a tiny fraction of all of the data computers process daily. The film brings home how our daily life is intertwined with the internet and the extent to which we have all been reduced to sequences of ones and zeros.