Forensic Architecture


Forensic Architecture uses state-of-the-art data technology to detect environmental and war crimes. The architecture, or the crime scene, is an important witness to the violence. Drawing from the “memory of the space” events can be reconstructed in a truthful way. The proof that arises is useful in lawsuits against corporate, political and military systems.

Using laser and radar technology Forensic Architecture examined two concentration camps in former Yugoslavia. The history of these physical relics of the past was documented by Forensic Architecture in their project Living Death Camps.

Forensic Architecture also researched the architecture of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The spatial arrangement of these enclaves shows that the Israeli government mainly used these settlements to suppress the Palestinians and isolate and frustrate their economic development. All construction works and interventions in the landscape, the houses, the roads, the walls are designed to keep two groups of people apart and to constantly monitor the separation.