Paneldiscussie: Back to Borders?

met Green European Journal

What do borders mean in today’s Europe? Be it the harrowing images of refugees risking their lives to scale barbed wire fences, or the policing of public spaces in the name of security measures, these dividing lines have a very real impact on the lives of human beings.

Whereas once walls and barriers appeared to be crumbling on the continent, it seems today that the space around us is increasingly being carved up, sometimes very starkly with the return of border controls, other times almost imperceptibly with the creeping entrenchment of cleavages in identity. What does this trend tell us about the Europe we inhabit today? Are new battle lines being drawn?

Members of de panel:

Tineke Strik: Green Dutch MP, Professor at Centre for Migration law of the Radboud University

Krzysztof Czyzewski: Writer, philosopher and theatredirector

Yolande Jansen: Senior researcher and lecturer at the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies

Moderated by: Erica Meijers, Editor-in-Chief, De Helling

The debate takes place from 5 to 6:30 pm at HACKING HABITAT. You can attend for free if you have a ticket for the exhibition. See the website of Green European Journal for more information.